About Us

Founded in 2013, we have sold over 2 million lighters worldwide.

Our team's passion for innovative products is what excites our team to fiercely promote Rechargable Lighters' Black OPS Windproof Lighters. Rechargeable Lighters.com's focus is to provide people with a safe and user-friendly lighter. For emergency usage, convenience and safety reasons these affordable, long-lasting lighters are ideal for smokers, power blackouts and family households. Our rechargeable lighter's non-flammable and hazardous-free features ensures everyone's safety.

We've heard of many personal tragedies that have resulted from lighters designed with highly combustible materials - It is our goal to eliminate these risk factors by informing customers of Rechargeable Lighter's advanced development. For further manufacturing details or all other inquiries, please address your concerns to the below: